Six CV Writing Tips To Ensure Your CV Stands Out

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Recruiters receive dozens, even hundreds of CV’s. It is best if yours lands on top of the pile instead of at the bottom. So, here are Six CV Writing Tips To Ensure Your CV Stands Out.

Let’s get to the six CV writing tips to make sure you boss the competition:

CV Personal statement/Personal summary

This occupies the top section of your CV and it is the first thing the recruiter will look at.

Write a 150 – 200-word elevator pitch stating the value you will bring to the role and why you are the best candidate for the job.

During CV writing ensure your CV is tailored for the role

Always take the time to read the job description and tailor your CV to fit it. Identify the resume keywords the recruiter mentions, pay great attention to your personal summary and work experience.

Avoid using too many buzz/cliche words in your CV writing process

Before using phrases such as  “goal-oriented”, “results-driven” in your CV writing process, ensure your work history actually demonstrates that via your work achievements. Overused cliched words will have your CV looking like everyone else.

Adopt using action verbs in your CV writing

Action verbs are strong, compelling action verbs that will catch hiring managers’ eyes.

A great CV/Resume is packed with action verbs, these verbs are used to state your achievements. They are used to further strengthen keywords and provide evidence of your skills. 
Action verbs can be used in different contexts in your CV writing process.

Did you lead a project? examples of action verbs to use: Organized, Oversaw, Planned.

The importance of using action verbs in CV writing is to make your achievements impactful.

For instance, compare the sentences below.

  • Worked as a supervisor for a team of six
  • Supervised a sales team of six over 24 months. Achieved a 6% growth in revenue year-on-year.

The second sentence packs more punch as it shows metrics of time, percentage and number.

You renegotiated a contract thereby reduced cost and saved the company money: Decreased, Deducted, Yielded.

You enhanced customer satisfaction: Furthered, Accelerated, Delivered.

This blog on The Muse lists 185 action verbs you can use for CV writing.

Utilize your digital footprints

At Deversity Consults, we always ensure to include a LinkedIn link to all CV’s we write and we also recommend to clients to have an updated LinkedIn profile.

You can leverage your personal brand to get a job these days, include a link to your website, online portfolio, LinkedIn and blog where applicable.

Avoid spelling errors and mistakes

Double-check your spellings, grammar and document formatting. 
Tell a story with your CV, your tone should be consistent and captivating for the recruiter. Let them want to meet you.

Use these tips to review your resume today and make changes where necessary.

If you have applied the six CV writing tips to ensure your CV stands out.

Another thing to consider would be the best CV format to use.

What is the best CV Format?

It is advisable to always save your CV as a PDF document.

This is because the receruting software used by employers varies.

Hence you want to avoid the risk of the information of your CV being distorted when your CV is submitted.

How to contact recruiters via cold emails

The ultimate goal every CV writing journey is to use to apply for a job or an academic opportunity.

Sometimes this will require you reaching out to people you hardly know via a cold email.

Usually this is a scary process for people, due to the pressure of how to send the email to capture attention.

To understand this, check out our blog on How To Get The Attention Of Recruiters With Cold Emails

We hopy you have enjoyed reading this blog.

Apply these tips to improve your CV.

If you need assistance on CV Writing, click the link below to check our Cv Writing packages.

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