How To Attain Your Personal Development Goals


”I want to learn how to code” ”I want to become an expert graphic designer” These are a few Personal Development goals my friends have shared with me since the lockdown.

If you ask your friends, you are likely to hear a variation of these in conversations.

Thoughts are the foundation of what leads to actionable objectives by people, you first get the thought, then you research how to do it.

After doing your research, you will get a clear picture of your goal; the next step is a plan to achieve it. Personal development starts this way.

This blog will teach you how to set personal development goals, you can use it for any goal you aim to achieve and identify which is best to pursue.

What is Personal Development?

Personal Development is a lifelong process – an investment in yourself.

It isn’t just to solve a problem now, but a growth process; it helps you coax more out of your natural abilities to meet long term expectations.

Personal development begins with a desire for something, a challenge to solve, and a vision to attain. That desire requires the ability to conquer challenges of time, knowledge, and space, and the constant application of yourself to learning new skills

What Influences Personal Development?

The desire to want something more is inherent in humans, and personal goals are normally tied to fulfillment career, interpersonal relationships, and education.

Desires influences our mission

Reflect on the following questions:

  • Why do you want that new job?
  • What do you gain from that promotion at work?
  • Why do you seek more patronage for your business?

A new job could mean better pay, a senior position, and increase patronage to help scale the business to new heights.

But having desire alone is not enough to fulfill your ambition. To achieve it you need a Personal Development Plan.

Personal Development Plan (PDP)

Although spontaneity and improvisation are great skills to have, Personal Development entails you have an actionable strategy and maintain consistency in your process.

Personal Development Plan is the guide you need to document your journey, track progress, and milestones.

PDP helps you structure your thinking, overcome the difficult moments, and acts as the mirror you reflect on to remind yourself where you are heading to.

The Personal Development Plan helps you:

  • Identify areas you want to improve or develop
  • Recognise how these skills can be transferred to other contexts (including study, and work)
  • Track your development and milestones

Complete Guide to Personal Development Plan

Creating your PDP involves four stages;

Personal Analysis:

Identify your strengths and weaknesses. What skills do you have currently? what is your educational background? Do you need to upskill or get new certifications? What are the opportunities available to you?

Set Measurable Goals:

It is rather impossible to do everything at once, hence it is helpful to set small goals with time limits that you can tick off once met.

Can you achieve the certification in six months? which skills will be highly sought for in your industry in the next five years? Do you need a master’s degree for that job promotion?

For example, say you want a career in IT as a computer programmer and someday a senior devs Ops. First, you’re going to need learn how to code. So there’s a big goal, now break it down into steps like this:

  • Learn about the different code languages.
  • Find a suitable platform or course to learn it.
  • Seek funding if it requires or use free coding resources available.
  • Find forums of people seeking the same goal and connect to share knowledge.
  • Put in the required time to learn and test your skills frequently.

Set Deadlines:

This will help you track your stages of development and the various tasks you might need to complete.

Identify Opportunities and Threats:

Certain things can stop you from achieving your goals – it could be external or an element of yourself.

A loss of focus or lack of motivation can hinder you from achieving your set goals – this is a threat.

Making key connections with mentors or people more skilled than you are opportunities you could take advantage of.

For example, take advantage of free events pertaining to your set goal. Attend and network, endeavour to stay up to date on the latest knowledge in your industry.

PDP Template:

Goals without a metric to track could lead to a pointless exercise. Once
you settle on your goal, fill in your expectations and how you intend to
meet them, and more importantly, make it time-bound.

I would recommend downloading this personal development plan template from High Speed Training, as it breaks into sections how you can create yours.

4 Principles of Personal Development

The principles of personal development fall under self-realization, need/aspiration, and a vision.

However, there are four key factors at play for success.

Consistency: There’s no mastery without consistency. Practice makes perfect is applicable to all endeavours of mastery. This is consistency.

Shun Complacency: If a skill takes ten hours to master, it is almost impossible to achieve that same feat in two hours, even if you find a shortcut.

Seeking deeper knowledge entails diving deeper to learn the underlying components of what you seek to understand. Avoid entering the comfort zone when you’ve barely scratched the surface.

Time Management: Prioritize your time, consistently create time for your upskilling activities.

Use a To-Do list to set activities for the day and tick off as they are completed. Every activity successfully completed will fill you with a sense of achievement.

Test your Knowledge: Test your new knowledge/skills consistently.

Avoid the pitfall of “I don’t know” answers to everything this could be as a result of fear and not wanting your potential

Now that you have an idea about how to attain your personal development goals. I would like you to give me feedback.

Did you find this article helpful in getting you to properly structure your personal development plan??

If you are already on course to attain your personal development goals, is there any tip you would like to share for others?

Please leave your comment below this article.

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