How To Get The Attention Of Recruiters With Cold Emails


Getting the attention of a person you have no connection with can be tough especially when you are seeking job opportunities. Well-written COLD EMAILS provide an effective way to grab the attention of recruiters.

What are Cold Emails?

A Cold Email is an email sent to an individual ( e.g recruiter, hiring manager) that doesn’t have an existing connection to you.

For example, If you send someone you’ve never met an email you found through a publicly available email address, it’s cold email. 

You can use a tool like Hunter.io to search for the email addresses of your prospects.

Before you send this cold email, you have to first understand what makes your target tick!

How to identify and connect with decision-makers

  • Research: Identity what platform(s) they use e.g LinkedIn, Twitter, Websites.
  • Keep abreast of new information about them or their company updates:
Comment on their posts on LinkedIn and share good insights, like or share these posts too
  • Ensure you have value to offer them in terms of your previous work, portfolio, skills they need:
Before reaching out to a recruiter or sending an application ensure you have a well-written Resume, Optimized LinkedIn Profile, and Cover Letter.
  • If you are a creative, have a portfolio that has your graphics, articles/blog links available. 

Once you have the above ready, the next step is writing the COLD EMAIL 👌

This leads to the email proper, and the first thing is the Subject Line. 

What are email subject lines?

A Subject Line is an introduction that identifies the intent of the email. This subject line is displayed to the email recipient when they look at their list of messages in their inbox, it tells the recipient the message the sender wants to convey.

Depending on the intent of the message, the subject line of cold emails can take several forms.

Your subject line should show you have done some basic research on whom you are writing to. It can take the form of congratulating them on a recent career event, personal achievement, etc.

Examples of email subject lines

  • “Congratulations on the launch of your new mobile brand”
  • “Loved Your TedX Lagos Talk on IT Capacity Development”
  • “Your New Book Is Impacting  Students Positively In My Community”
  • “Congrats on the promotion, [First Name]”
  • “Can you spare 5 minutes, [First name]?”
why you need good email subject lines
The power of email subject lines
Your subject lines have the power to make or break your cold email conversions.

Cold email for job application template


I have noticed that XYZ Company has been voted Best [NAME Award] for the past three years straight. I am interested in that level of excellence and finding out more about [JOB YOU ARE INTERESTED IN].

I have [NUMBER] years of experience working with [RELATED SKILL], [RELATED SKILL] and [RELATED SKILL]. I am hoping to learn about [WHAT TO LEARN] from some of the best in the industry, and in my research, I came across [COMPANY OF INTEREST]. Our goals and interests are so aligned, I think we would d both accomplish more if I took my research and resources to your company.

Here is my LinkedIn profile [INSERT PROFILE LINK].

I would love for an opportunity to meet and talk further about how we may work together.


How to follow up on a cold email

At the start of your email, don’t be in a rush to ASK, the first thing is to seek a personal connection, then you offer value before you include the request.

Of course, you won’t get a response from every cold job email you send.

This is why following up is necessary, keep in mind the person you’re reaching out to is likely to be busy, you can send at least two or three follow up emails.

You can schedule your follow up emails like this

  • Day 1 – Send your cold email
  • Day 4 – Send your first follow up email
  • Day 9 – Send your second follow up email

Cold Emails follow up template

Writing a follow-up email is just as essential as the initial cold email you sent, the template below breaks how to do that.

Dear [NAME],

I am emailing you as promised regarding the role of [POSITION]. I know that work can get very busy and there’s a chance you forgot to reply to my last email. Kindly let me know when you have had a chance to review my application. I have a job interview with a potential employer next week, but I’m most interested in the position at [COMPANY].

I look forward to receiving your response.

Best regards,



After getting a recruiter’s attention, they will most likely to do a background check on you.

To pass this check you need to ensure your Personal and Professional Branding is top notch.

Click on the link Personal Brand to read how to build your Personal Brand and leverage it for jobs.

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