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Selling on the internet requires strategy and providing a great customer user experience. As businesses compete for attention online, understanding how to win customers by the minute is the key to success.

The online presence of a business goes beyond having a fancy website or beautiful pictures on Instagram, it should address the customer buying journey.

Hence, a business must strive to educate their prospective customers to remove all inhibitions and make them comfortable to buy from you.

How to make customers comfortable

Educating the customers through content marketing helps you answer your customers’ questions before they ask. By answering their questions, you are a step closer to the sale.

The online presence of your business is supposed to do 3 things:

  • Create Awareness: Educate customers about what you do;
  • Help them find you: This will boost your business revenue;
  • Provide a platform they can easily buy from.

The above quote summarizes how to bridge the customer journey.

First, understand what the customer wants by doing your research,

Then educate them on how your business solves that need better than the competition.

This builds trust and makes the customer comfortable This is how you win customers by the minute.

How to win customers by the minute by targeting the customer journey

A customer looking to buy online goes through three stages;

These are:

Awareness :

Customers are at the discovery stage here, seeking businesses that could help solve their challenges.

To win customers by the minute your marketing efforts should have content that addresses the awareness stage. The key term here is education.

The customer is seeking knowledge, reading various marketing offers before the next stage: Consideration.


The customer is comparing offers. They have read about you and other companies and is now trying to decide which business to buy from.

The key to winning here is Brand Awareness.

To answer this, you must audit your marketing efforts and ask these questions:

  • Where is your website ranked on Google search results?
  • Do you have enough blogs or social posts talking about your products/services?
  • Is your website providing good user experience for customers who visit?
  • What’s the loading speed on mobile and desktop?
  • Do you have well understood product descriptions and clear calls to action?

The third stage of the customer journey is Purchase.


The sale has been made, but it doesn’t stop here: Now is the time for your Brand Messaging.

You need to acknowledge the customer. Don’t just send a receipt and leave it there.

Send a follow-up email.

You can adopt this template:

Hi (First name) !

Thank you for ordering our (Product Name).

Just checking in to see how you’re getting on with our (Product Name)

I’d be happy to help you with any other thing you need: just hit ‘reply’ to let me know.

Best regards,

(business name) or (agent name) Or (your name) – in the case of an SME or entrepreneur – this is personal.


Having a great relationship with customers is the key to driving customer retentions. Customer retention is another strategy to win customers by the minute.

What is customer retention?

Customer Retention as defined by HubSpot is the company’s ability to retain its customers over time.

It’s a percentage that measures how many customers are retained by the end of a given time period.

A strategy for customer retention is keeping communication lines open with customers.

You’ve got their emails, send them helpful tips they can use

Information about new products, as well as exclusive deals on.

Treating your customers right helps drive Advocacy.

Advocacy ( word-of-mouth marketing): One good customer talking about how great your service was to people in their personal networks (friends, family) or people in their social networks – through a positive review of your brand.


For a customer to go through these stages and buy from you.

Your business needs to have content that educates and nurtures them towards the buying decision – this is what Content Marketing does.

How to win customers by the minute should be a key question in formulating your content marketing strategy.

Your prospective customers will fall in those three customer journey stages – and you should have content which speaks to them.

Win customers by the minute using these forms of content:

  • Blogs: For awareness and education
  • Social media posts: For products display and brand expressions
  • Website copy: The hook to keep the customers
  • Customer reviews: Social proof to validate other people (customers) trust you.

You can disseminate your content on the platforms beneficial to your business.

You provide services?

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

You sell products?

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

Do you own a business?
Share tips, share insights on your personal platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. I do this on my LinkedIn, see it here

Before the digital marketing boom, you built a product then go look for your audience.

Now you build the audience before you sell a product.

Akhoyanta Amos

Summary of how to win customers by the minute

To win the competition for customers’ attention online, do this:

  • Find your audience
  • Find their challenges
  • Provide them the service or products to solve it – boom! You’re in business.
  • As a business owner wear your marketing hat often
  • Create helpful content your customers can easily use
  • Redesign your customer interaction experience

Now that you have learned about how to win customers by the minute. We would like your feedback.

Did you find this blog helpful in structuring your marketing plan?

What are the other key marketing tips you know?

Please leave your comment below.

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