Enhance Your Small Business Using these Tech Tools

Technology is impacting everyday life and small businesses are better for it. Tech tools can be applied to diverse aspects of your business from invoicing, marketing, customer communication, and engagement.

Here are some ways to explore tech to enhance your business:

Financials: Tech tools like Quickbook and FreshBooks have simplified invoicing and accounting for small businesses, tools like these can be used on the go via mobile applications and have reduced the difficulty of collecting payment from customers, filing taxes, budgeting and cost management.

Marketing: Making sales is at the heart of every business idea and technology has improved how businesses can communicate with their customers, by removing restrictions to print ads. From landing pages, websites, email marketing, social media tech has opened a valuable outlet to interact with customers, close deals and maintain relevance.

Payment Systems: Collecting payments globally in a matter of minutes has been simplified it is almost negligible, we can now have customers pay us with debit cards, Paypal, Google Pay and Wepay amongst others. Payment can be integrated with websites, mobile devices and we can easily track transactions, send invoice reminders, etc the possibilities are endless.

Productivity:  The heartbeat of a small business largely depends on the productivity of the owner and employees. Keeping your employees focused will greatly improve the overall success of the business, applications like WorkTime, Dropbox, Trello team members can access their schedules, client documents, and share updates in one dashboard.

Communication and Collaboration: Time and space have been eliminated with the advent of applications like Zoom and Skype, you can easily communicate with potential clients, close deals and interact your employees via video conferencing. 

You can do so much more with your small business by utilizing these tools, many of them can be easily integrated with your existing systems and they will save you time to focus on growing what you do.

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