4 Tips on How the Instagram Algorithm Works


Instagram Algorithm

A few social media users get more engagement, interaction and general growth than others, this happens because they have mastered their content and somehow taken advantage of the algorithm. An algorithm is a set of rules to be followed in problem-solving operations. For Instagram, the algorithm calculates how likely someone is to interact with a post.

The Instagram algorithm changes from time to time and it affects the kind of engagement Instagram users have. If you’ve wanted to gain more followers and engagement for your business, it’s time to play by the rules of the Instagram algorithm.

Instagram has come a long way since its inception 11 years ago. While the app was initially meant for still images, content creators and everyday users can now share photos and videos in various forms, like story posts, Instagram reels and longer-form videos on IGTV. Instagram doesn’t always make it public when they’ve changed the algorithm. So, if you notice changes to your engagement and reach, it is most likely not the result of an algorithm change but most likely due to the app’s growth and development over the years.

How Can You Outsmart the Algorithm?

insta algor

Here are a few things to watch out for to increase your engagement on Instagram;

  • Reels

Reels are quite similar to a video format from TikTok, and it’s time to try creating content on Reels often. At the moment Instagram is promoting creators who are using Reels, and you can jump on that train and gain actual engagement. Make interesting videos such as tutorial videos, behind-the-scenes videos, dance videos, tips and many more; be creative and do not ignore trends.

insta reeels
Instagram reels
  • Hashtags

Hashtags are basically Instagram’s sorting mechanism. They are a great way to signal the algorithm about your content, which can help surface your profile to audience members interested in the hashtags you use. Don’t overload your hashtag use, about 10 to 15 solid hashtags are great. Aim to use them in all of the content you share on Instagram, from Stories, Reels, IGTV to photo captions.

insta hashtag

You also need to be smart and strategic about your choice of hashtags; just because you used the most popular or trending hashtags doesn’t mean you will get the most engagement, millions of people using trending hashtags and this means that you are competing with millions to rank high. Source for the relevant hashtags and use them.

  • Consistency

One of the most important things to do to take control of the algorithm is to stay consistent on the app. This has been an algorithm hack for a very long time. Develop an Instagram-specific posting schedule, and stick to it, be it reels, stories or feed posts. It’ll allow your followers to continuously engage with your content, which helps the algorithm learn more and more about your account and keep your content at the top of your followers’ feed.

Consistency brings more likes, comments, saves and more.

  • Saved Posts

Create posts that your audience will save. This one is the trickiest, and it gets you the best results. You have to figure out what information is valuable to your audience and create a post about it. It can be an infographic, meme, or a fun discovery that can help them in everyday life. Saved posts work like bookmarks for Instagram posts. When you save an image, it goes to a private tab that only you can see and revisit. Since people are using this occasionally for the content that they find valuable, the number of saves should be also calculated when you want to know the engagement rate.

insta save
saved posts


The Instagram algorithm is not rocket science, even as little as staying longer on the app drives engagement. This will take a lot of work overtime, but it’s worth it. At Deversity Consults, we have mastered this algorithm and we help brands and businesses manage and grow on social media. Take a look at our affordable offers and services.

Timing is equally as relevant as every point up there. Over the years, timing has been important for posts; you want to be at the top of the feed page, you have to be aware of the best times to upload your content on Instagram.

Follow these tips and watch the algorithm do its magic to your engagement.

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