With over 4 billion people worldwide active on the internet (59% of the global population), having a website that helps you stay connected with customers or prospects is essential – furthermore, 53% of customers research online before connecting or buying from a brand to ensure its value.

An Episerver study found that 92% of consumers will visit a brand’s website to:

  • Perform product/service research
  • Compare prices with other brands (comparison shopping)
  • Check out reviews from other buyers before making a purchase

​With many brands on the internet offering similar products/services, it’s only reasonable for online buyers to assess before deciding when to spend their hard-earned money. You will miss out on this online auction without a web presence. With a poorly designed website, your business wouldn’t make it for consideration.

Your business can stand out by creating an interactive, custom web page design like some of my clients: Manana Foods & Paramount Lifecare

How Web Design & SEO Helps to Grow Your Business

Building a digital presence for your business means creating an enjoyable online platform for your brand that differentiates you from the competition, addresses your prospects’ needs, and brings customers through the door.

To achieve this, you must ensure that your site ranks high in search engines; web design and navigation influence 94% of buyers’ first impressions of your brand. Search engines also favour well-structured websites with responsive layouts compatible with mobile screens. Website credibility sometimes comes from an attractive website layout – more so than its content!

Hence, as a business owner, you must maintain a responsive website design to appeal to both search engines and online users. In addition, you must ensure your target customers see a legitimate business platform when they search for your company online- otherwise, you could lose out on potential revenue sources.

Investing in responsive website design to build trust and confidence in your brand offerings always pays off.

We provide SEO-friendly website design services that aim to boost your search rankings, increase online exposure – and convert page visitors into paying customers!

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5 Competitive Advantages of Having a Responsive Web Design

Are you still contemplating creating a new & modern website or optimising your old website? Whether you own a small business or a large enterprise, to compete in the fierce digital age, you need a responsive website that helps your target buyers find what they want quickly.

Around the world, over 3.5 billion people use smartphones, meaning most website visits occur on phones; hence your website must be optimised for mobile screens. 

​There is too much competition in the online space for businesses with bad websites or poor digital footprints to thrive; today, many companies have adopted responsive web design to gain more page visitors and maximize their conversion opportunities.

6 Reasons Why Responsive Website Design Helps Your Business:

Better Search Rankings

To rank high in Google searches, the speed of a website, ease of finding information, and how relevant the website’s content is are signs of a site’s quality. Optimised websites that load fast and are responsive on various mobile screens tend to appear higher in search results for branded and unbranded queries.

Reduce Maintenance Cost

Getting it right from the beginning ensures your website is responsive, which means you only need to create one version of your site that works across all devices. This eliminates the time-consuming and costly process of frequently redesigning your website.​

Stronger Digital Footprint

Investing in sales conversion-centered web design services will boost your online exposure, increase traffic to your site and help you build a successful business. 

Partner with our web design agency and your business will be visible to your ideal customers wherever they are or whatever device they use – from phones, tablets, and computers.

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